Fresh Business Names

Every night, we go through about 2,000 US local Chamber of Commerce sites and look for their Welcome New Members listings and add them to our database.

We clean them up, let you search through them and buy them for only $0.10 each.

Simple, straightforward pricing. No account creation. No long-term commitment.

I want some!

How Fresh Are They?

The day after their local Chamber of Commerce enters them into their record-keeping system, we get them. We have these new members back to October 24th, 2014. We currently have 300,242 on file, including 0 from just the past seven days. You can buy as many or as few as you wish, as often as you wish.

Here's a sample of one of our latest names:
Valley Metro
101 N. 1st Avenue Ste 1300
Phoenix AZ 85003
(602) 291-7670
added: September 25th 2017

What Do I Get?

You get a .csv file that you can import into Excel, your favorite CRM manager, or whatever. You get the business name, mailing address, phone number, what Chamber they joined, when we got their name, and the local chamber weblink to their listing. We don't have their email address, but according to the CAN-SPAM act, you couldn't use it anyway.

In our cleanup, we only sell records that have a business name, address, city, state, zip and phone number. They should be reasonably complete records. If you get an incomplete record, please let us know and we'll adjust your bill.

Why Should I Buy Them?

These may not necessiarly be new businesses, but they've just joined their local chamber. This means:

  1. They're looking to expand, and
  2. they have money to do so.

For example, my local chamber charges $350 for an annual membership. My take on this is that these are businesses that want to make something happen. These sound like some prime B2B leads to me. Contact them and see if you can help them make it happen.