Do Stuff With These Names

Yes, you have plans for that csv file we gave you, but there's so much more you can do...


You're not just going to put those names into a spreadsheet, are you? You need to be doing more with them, like making phone calls and doing followup. We can offer you integration with the Insightly CRM system that's available from the Google add-on store. We can also host the Open Source SuiteCRM system that was an offshoot of the well-known SugarCRM system. As a matter of fact, that's what we use internally. So contact us and see what solutions we can provide.


We can help you design and deliver a first-class mailing to these businesses. If you work with us and let us do the design and printing we can sell you the names for less than the regular retail we charge for a simple file download. Please contact us and let us help you reach your audience.

Slice and Dice

If you have bulk needs for other ways to segment our list other than by state, date and business name, let us know and we can help. If you need certain zip codes, or more than one state at a time, we can handle that. Just contact us and if it's in the data, we can help you find it.